Many aviation enthusiasts (pros or amateurs) will sooner or later want to build their own home cockpit simulator. This project could give the sim community a simple way to create DIY controls for such projects, using an Arduino-based I/O interface for X-Plane without applying a lot of programming and electronics. When the Baron-58 panel project was started (since 2012) the idea to use the well-known open source hardware - Arduino microcontroller platform have been considered as the main solution. And then after hours of tests with Arduino and X-Plane it became clear that it can be the perfect platform for creating a complex control system for home cockpits.

Input/Output control interface for cockpit simulators based on Arduino

At first only the X-Plane's UDP Data input/output protocol was used ( Code archive includes some of the first tests since 2011). Based on these works the first Arduino XPData library was created to replace a mess of single sketches. Later, we've developed a plugin for X-Plane to exchange data between controller and simulator, using an appropriate interface (LAN or USB). Next, ArdSim libraries were created to work with plugin only.

ArdSim interface is a pair of an Arduino library and X-Plane plugin. The library includes all input functions for buttons and switches, encoders, analog sensors, etc. Also, it includes output functions for LEDs, analog gauges, stepper motors. As for assigning these inputs and outputs to specific X-Plane parameters, this is done using the plugin's config files, which can be created using our online configurator.

The new upcoming ArdSim v4 will make things even simpler, with a new, comprehensive configurator and no need for Arduino programming.

Baron 58 Cockpit Simulator (Full-size Panel)

This is a full-scale cockpit simulator of twin-engine Beechcraft Baron 58. The goal was to make the panel as close as possible to the original in both functionality and appearance.

External Instrument Panels

SimVim Panel is an easy-to-use program providing a set of realistic, fully-functional aircraft instruments to be displayed on a computer that is connected by network to the main computer with X-Plane and ArdSim plugin.

Software includes full-set "plug-and-fly" customized instrument panel for specific aircraft. We will provide pre-made instrumant panels for any aircrafts, ready to be used with X-Plane (later with FS).

The program doesn't require any configuration on the user's part. Once you download our ArdSim plugin for X-Plane and run the program on another computer in the local network, they will connect automatically.

Aircrafts for X-Plane

( this section is under development)

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All program code, ArdSim library, XPDataInput library and ArdSim/ARDref plugins are freely distributed on this site for non-commercial home use only.

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