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Arduino I/O Interface history

This project was started from scratch as a specialized control interface for our Baron-58 panel simulator. In this section we represent our first "pre-library" Arduino program code developments since 2011, test programs for X-Plane UDP protocol, early "stand-alone" code versions for our Baron 58 cockpit and the first Arduino I/O libraries.

In the process of building the B58 panel we have decided to develop a universal input/output system based on Arduino and give a simple solution for home cockpit builders to create control interface for their DIY simulators without applying lots of programming and a heap of electronics.

Using X-Plane UDP for data exchange

At first only X-Plane's UDP Data input/output protocol was used ( some of the test Arduino programs used this method are described here). Based on these works the first Arduino XPData library was created to replace a single sketches. This library includes simple functions for sending input commands and dataref values to X-Plane and receiving data from it for output using only X-Plane UDP protocol.

Using plugin for data exchange

Later we have implemented another way for data exchange between controller and simulator - using additional plugins for X-Plane that can read data from simulator and send it to controller and vice-versa. The next "transitional" ARDref and the latest ArdSim libraries have been created to work with plugin only.

Currently we are focused on the latest ArdSim/ArdSimX project. The early XPData v3.x and ARDref libraries are archived and no longer updated (supported only).

But if you have started to build your cockpit using early XPData or ArdSim, you can easyly switch to the latest ArdSimX, even without dismounting your input connections, just reprogram your Arduino and create new configuration file.

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