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Tech Tips, Do-It-Yourself

Technical advices, useful links (no advertisements!) for cockpit builders. Share your ideas and designs. Electronic parts, materials etc.. 
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Do-It-Yourself Tips Attachments

by VladSim
4 02/25/2017 05:58AM
Last Post by VladSim

Arduino board types

by VladSim
1 12/29/2015 02:15PM
Last Post by VladSim

Cessna C172SP wet Compass STL Files Attachments

by Pietrogramma
2 08/15/2017 05:51AM
Last Post by leofraga172

Push Button Caps of Radiostack and GPS

by Stefan
1 07/03/2017 11:51AM
Last Post by Stefan

Does any have the background gauges of the baron-58?

by MGReyes
1 06/22/2017 11:04AM
Last Post by MGReyes

Servo jittering

by adrian
5 05/19/2017 05:43AM
Last Post by VladSim

3DPrinter Files for 3 1/8" Instruments Attachments   (Pages: 1 2)

by BlueSideUpBob
45 05/18/2017 06:22PM
Last Post by VladSim

What is the best practice to make a Heading Indicator?

by mbigos
4 05/01/2017 12:53PM
Last Post by mbigos

ArdsimX suggestion

by gercarst
4 04/28/2017 12:00PM
Last Post by Romansky

Prototyping for building a KMA28 Audio Panel Attachments

by Dave
9 04/05/2017 06:21PM
Last Post by hornos27

Does any one have gauge maker files for a Cessna 172?

by mbigos
6 04/04/2017 08:51PM
Last Post by mbigos

ArdSimX and trim and flaps indicator   (Pages: 1 2)

by Pietrogramma
34 04/01/2017 09:15AM
Last Post by Pietrogramma

Button Labeling Best Practices

by ChuckK
6 01/12/2017 09:08PM
Last Post by PeeWeeSweden

B737 MCP tactile buttons

by Patrick
4 01/09/2017 12:13PM
Last Post by giocc

Flight Controls - Yoke

by Bagpiper
1 12/28/2016 02:07PM
Last Post by Bagpiper

Better look for LED displays Attachments

by giocc
1 12/23/2016 11:41AM
Last Post by giocc

Intrusive Yoke

by LeeGlen
1 11/09/2016 05:20PM
Last Post by LeeGlen

12V signal lamp converted to 5V LED Attachments

by nique
8 09/17/2016 06:20PM
Last Post by Anonymous User

VOR Navigation Display Attachments

by MarcusX
10 07/14/2016 02:49AM
Last Post by hyamesto

Aspen Evolution 1000

by geronimopilot
2 06/11/2016 01:21PM
Last Post by Dave

3DPrinter Files for 2" Instruments Attachments

by BlueSideUpBob
8 05/12/2016 07:19PM
Last Post by HerrDecibel

Support of HEX rotary switch

by nique
11 04/10/2016 07:59PM
Last Post by simav8