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ArdSimX Interface for home cockpit builders

ArdSimX is the latest of our Arduino Interfaces. If you're looking for info on ArdSim, the previous interface, check here.

This project gives the  flight sim community a simple way to  to build their own home cockpit simulator.  Make DIY controls for your cockpit  project, using our Arduino-based Input/Output interface for X-Plane without applying any programming and electronics skills.

ArdSimX Interface allows you to easily link all your controls and instruments to X-Plane using any of the popular Arduino boards (Mega, Uno, Nano, Mini, Micro), without even requiring any programming. One or two Arduino Mega boards may be enough for the whole cockpit, and you can use up to 9 boards with ArdSimX. Even using just one Nano you can make all indication for your cockpit including all annunciators and 7-segment displays.

ArdSimX main features:
  • Either LAN or USB (Serial emulation) communication can be easily selected for any single Arduino.
  • ArdSimX no longer has Input/Output functions that had to be used in Arduino code with ArdSim.
  • The convenient configuration tool is used to assign all major inputs and outputs.
  • All connected boards use one combined Input/Output configuration.
  • Up to 9 different boards can be used for one system, with LAN and USB in any combination.

  • Inputs:
  • Fully configurable inputs for toggle switches, buttons and encoders.
  • Any button/switch can control several parameters at once if needed.
  • Any Encoder can have several switchable modes (the mode switch buttons are used for this).
  • The number of button/switch inputs for one Arduino can be extended with "key-matrix" connection.
  • You can configure Analog input (axis) precision (sensitivity) and input range.
  • Analog inputs, can be used as digital input for multi-position switch or for a simple button/switch.

  • Outputs:
  • Along with direct LED output, now you can connect up to 64 "serial" LEDs to one Arduino.
  • Any "LED" output can be used as simple digital output to control other devices, relays, ICs inputs etc.
  • Supports Stepper motors, 7-segment displays, PWM gauges without additional Arduino libraries.
  • Any type of Stepper motor gauges supported (non-linear, cyclic, multi-turn, with zero-sensor or not).
  • 7-segment displays have several configurable display options (up to 8 digits each, with/without dot etc.).
  • Any X-Plane parameter value can be stored in memory stack with memory button (like radio frequencies).

ArdSimX includes an Arduino library and X-Plane plugin.

Download ArdSimX:
Install the plugin into your X-Plane
Install Library to Arduino IDE (use IDE version >1.6.6)

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