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Plans and upcoming features

Recently completed:

  • Fixed the issue with Programmed Inputs in the latest plugin version.

Need to be corrected:

  • For LED Indication: When variable (not fixed) parameter is selected the value range input window doesn't appear (work in progress)

In development / In queue:

  • New ArdSimX 2.0 interface.
  • Add missing options into the configurator (such as 7-segment display Test Button, Encoder mode output, Encoder sensitivity control).
  • Direct (no libraries needed) MAX7219 support for 7-segment displays - output control from ArdSimX Configurator
  • Direct (no libraries needed) support for character LCD (1602, 1604..) - output control from ArdSimX Configurator
  • Add support of NAVAIDs reading.
  • Fix inputs for Raspberry Pi version of SimVim Panel. Support GPIO inputs.

Planned / Considered for development:

  • Add non-linear input for analog axis (with custom curve bend) and center position calibration.
  • Support for LED-strip output (i.e. flaps or trimmers position indication).
  • Direct (no libraries needed) TM1637 support for 7-segment displays - output control from ArdSimX Configurator
  • "Programmed Output" dataref values will transit to slave board for custom output devices . This will prevent custom code influence on the ArdSimX input/output and timing issues)
  • Add some of the "x737 project 5" commands/datarefs in the list
  • Optional limits setting for dataref values controlled.
  • Head position tracking to emulate far-distance view effect on a closely located screen (not related to a head rotation).

ArdSimX custom datarefs:

These custom datarefs and commands are added (or planned) to ArdSimX parameters list for commonly used cockpit functions to make configuration easier.

Included in the configurator list:

  • Starter+Ignition - single command for
  • Gear is Unsafe (red lamps for each gear) - LED indicators for
  • Flaps unsafe (in transition) light - LED indicator is lightened when

Planned / Considered for development:

  • Pre-programmed custom ArdSimX dataref for formatted output to 7-segment displays -
  • Custom "blinking" datarefs for autopilot ALT, NAV, APPR, B/C indication for LEDs or output to LCD. -
  • Synchroscope output (Prop sync display) – PWM gauge/motor -
  • Engine Vibration effect output (motor) -
  • Landing gear Ground Vibration effect (for nose/left/right gear) -
  • Fuel LOW indication for each tank
  • Fuel Flow custom output otions (Gallons per Hour, Pounds per Hour, kgs/hour ...) -
  • ADF custom mode/power option switches -

New ArdSimX 2.0 interface

We're currently working on a new ArdSimX 2.0 interface that will include only one Master board with any number of expandable inputs (digital/analog) and several slave boards for additional outputs.

Each Arduino pin, digital or analog, can be extended to 16 separate inputs using cheap expansion breakout boards. A single Master board can be used for all possible inputs (can be over 400 inputs).

It's much cheaper than using additional Arduino for inputs and much simpler and comfortable to use than "key matrix" with lots of diodes.

Now it will be possible to make all input control, all indicators (serial LEDs) and 7-segment displays using only one Arduino Mega (in case only on-screen and no hardware gauges are used in cockpit ). It's especially convenient for use with the more reliable LAN communication, as only one Ethernet module will be needed for the whole system.

The currently developed plugin version will now be paired with this new library when it gets finished. Current ArdSimX Interface will remain supported as usual.

Read more here:

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