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Download ArdSimX

ArdSimX Plugin (ver. 1.12, Aug. 18, 2017 )
ArdSimX Library (ver.1.9, June 8, 2017 )

ArdSimX - Getting started

  • Install ArdSimX Library to Arduino IDE and place ArdSimX Plugin into your X-Plane.
  • Take one Arduino board and any suitable toggle switch to test digital inputs.
  • If using LAN, connect Ethernet shield or Ethernet module to Arduino board as described on this page.
  • For USB communication just connect your Arduino to USB port of the main X-Plane PC.
  • In Arduino IDE Examples find "ArdSimX_Interface", open the "ArdSimX_Base" sketch.
  • If using USB ArdSimX connection, comment or delete the #include <Ethernet.h> line.
  • Upload code to Arduino ( first, select a correct model of Arduino board in IDE menu! ).

Testing communication for ArdSimX Library

  1. Connect the toggle switch to pin #5 of your Arduino. The sample data.cfg file in ArdSimX plugin folder will be used.
  2. Start X-Plane, open ArdSimX plugin "Status" screen. Enable USB checkbox if USB is used. Otherwise the plugin will not scan USB ports.
  3. You will see connection status and a rotating bar during the search process (the plugin scans the IPs or USB ports if enabled).
  4. When Arduino responds and is configured you should see the message "Connected to" and the list of Arduino boards.
    (including the number of inputs/outputs configured for each board numuber).
  5. On connection you can see a quick change of input numbers in the line "Last message received from..." while Arduino sends its initial state to the plugin.
  6. When you throw a switch connected to pin #5 you should see a message from this Arduino #1 in the status screen: D5+ / D5-.
  7. Also, you should see how the Pitot switch toggles in X-Plane panel and the on-board LED of your Arduino switches On/Off.
  8. In these screenshots you can see the board with LAN connection only and two boards connected with USB and LAN:

    Note: If an Arduino board configured for USB communication has been physically connected to USB port while X-Plane was already running,
    you need to press "Reconnect", to find the newly connected USB.

    Please note: having USB enabled in ArdSimX will prevent you from uploading a program code to your Arduino. To upload code without exiting X-Plane, disable USB in the "Status" window. After uploading the code to Arduino, enable USB again.

When you've made sure that your ArdSimX is working with your Arduino, you can start configuring it for your own inputs and outputs.

  • When you reset Arduino or upload new code, the plugin renews Arduino configuration and receives the current state of input controls.
  • When you use "Reconnenct" or restart the plugin it reconnects to all Arduino boards and receives the current state of controls.
  • If you have changed the config file while X-Plane is running you should press "Reconnect" button to read the new config.

If you see "Connection status - Awaiting connection" message and a rotating bar in ArdSimX Status window for too long (more than 30 sec) try using "Reconnect" button and/or reset Arduino with the on-board "reset" button and wait for connection.

If the plugin still didn't find your Arduino board, see troubleshooting (or contact us).

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