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Being a small father-son team, we gladly provide information on this website to help home cockpit simulator builders since 2012. All Arduino libraries, plugins and online tools are non-commercial.

The main goal of this project is to popularize the exciting hobby of making home cockpits for flight simulation. Being professionals in fields of electronics and programing, we tried to make our own interface easy to start for newcomers and explain all aspects of the technologies for cockpit building on this website.

We are aiming to constantly update and improve our website and projects to provide you convenient software and information that can help you build your cockpit.

Roman: hobby, work experience

Both programming and computer graphics started out for me as a hobby when I was at school, and since then I've familiarized myself with a number of programming languages and various software.

I've always liked to immerse myself in science fiction, and at that time I was also interested in space simulators and some Sci-Fi modeling. I especially liked designing these models myself, usually drawing the paper patterns by hand.

I dabbled in electronics a bit, and somewhere around the age of 13 made a control panel for a sci-fi space simulator out of parts of old keyboards:

Spacecraft control:

Flash animation was a hobby for me for quite some time.

At the university I've also studied CAD systems, in addition to other 3D software and programming.

During my university years I lived in the USA for 4 months. I consider English to be almost like a second native language to me. :)


My website:

Vlad: hobby, work experience

- Mainframe electro-technician (since 80th)
- Electronics specialist (since 80th)
- PC specialist (since late 80th)
- Web developer (since late 90th)
Knowledge and skills, interests

Electronics, microcontrollers, programming, web-development, graphics, aviation, aerodynamics, optics, astronomy, space etc.

Since my mid school time I have always had many interests to spend time creatively, making a lot of things "do-it-yourself".

From lots of books and from my father I acquired my interest in technics and science.

My first experience in electronics started at the age of 13 when I've assembled a tube radio receiver (mid 70-s).

And since that time I couldn't stop to reproduce a lot of schematics from electronic magazines: amplifiers, circuits for music, radio and television, radio control for models (includind my own design RC). Larning more about the art of electronics I could start my own projects.

At the same time, I was very keen on aeromodelling - I was building C/L flying models (control line), some static scale models.

Static scale model:

Then I've studied physics and mathematics in University, worked in the computer (mainframe) center as electro-technician, later as electronics engineer.

In the early '80s I started acquainted with a digital logic circuits (before that time all my electronic experience was "analog" ) that eventually has lead me to my own simple DIY computer (In the late 80th), based on 8085 processor. It was great experience with circuits design, coding, debugging, making of printed circuit boards.


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For us this project is a hobby that besides satisfaction brings some costs and takes a lot of time to continue our developments.

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