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Precautions using ardunio

To reproduce all tech solutions presented here and use SimVim Design libraries you should understand all possible risks and carefully learn all aspects of using electric equipment. Keep in mind the rules of Arduino connection and powering to prevent its damage, short circuits, etc.

Usual safety measures to prevent you from burning your Arduino include checking if your input/output pins are correctly assigned when you have some devices connected to Arduino.


Note that ArdSimX configures all Arduino input and output pins according to the configuration file, without the need to write anything in your Arduino code. As such, keep these points in mind to avoid problems:

  • If you have some devices connected to your Arduino pins, especially if they are powered output devices, check that these pins are correctly assigned in ArdSimX "data.cfg" file. Leaving the pin unassigned will not cause problems, but having a pin assigned as output when it should be used as input, for example, may be dangerous.

  • If you have configuration for several boards, check that the board number assigned in your Arduino code corresponds to the board number in the config that you need for this Arduino, so it won't use another board's config, avoiding the situation with incorrect pin assignments described above.

  • If you assign some pins as inputs or outputs in Arduino code, note that if these pins are also used in your ArdSimX config, then they will be automatically reassigned as inputs/outputs according to the config after Arduino connects to the plugin.

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